Pop up’s are a nuisance!!!

Pop ups are a nuisance, but they are even worse for someone who is visually impaired.  Blind people DO use computers, but with the aid of assistive technology like screen readers and screen magnification.

So what is the problem?  If the screen is zoomed a pop up may not even be seen by the user, but many pop ups require some form of action and can cause the user to wonder why the computer is no longer responding.  Same goes for screen readers, they do not always not announce a pop up.

We need web designers to design their popups in an accessible way and most sites still don’t do it correctly.  Many developers don’t even realise that blind people are using their websites…come on guys step up to the challenge and make the web available to all. To read more on this follow the link Pop ups below.

Pop ups

Image of pop up in a red circel

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